I’m guessing some parents might find this controversial, but as a childless man who has a very low tolerance when it comes to random screaming children, I fully approve. A restaurant in Arizona is suddenly in the spotlight after they posted their new policy outside their door:

Dear Customers with children,

Lately, we’ve had a few unfortunate incidents among customers with crying children. To avoid such conflicts, if your child starts to cry and/or make a loud noise, we may ask you to bring your child outside until he or she has settled down.

This ended up going viral after a livid mother posted an angry review on Facebook after she and her family were allegedly refused service for simply having a 1-year-old with them. While that isn’t cool if true, let’s talk about that policy overall.

…More restaurants in Rochester should totally adopt this policy, right? Fewer things are more annoying than being out to eat, being on an airplane, or being anywhere and hearing the screams of a loud, shrieking child that you don’t know. It’s the audio version of secondhand smoke. I didn’t ask for this!

Now, some parents are cool and do take their kids outside or calm them down when they throw a temper tantrum. But more often than not, I’ve seen parents who seem totally oblivious to their little banshees. Or maybe they do realize how half the room is glaring at their table, but either they simply don’t care or they choose to do nothing. This restaurant policy would be for those parents. Give them a warning. But if the screeching continues...CHECK PLEASE.

I get that parents deserve to get out of the house to enjoy a nice meal, but so does everyone. Rochester bars aren’t afraid to kick out obnoxiously drunk people, so why shouldn’t the same rules apply to obnoxiously loud children? There really isn’t too much of a difference between the two when you think about it. I'm just sayin'.

Source: KARE 11

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