Both Rochester and Minnesota as a whole are currently in the midst of that wonderful time of the year known as Construction Season. For the next several weeks, we all get to enjoy seeing our streets, highways, and roads being covered in more orange than a deer hunters convention. Isn't it the best?! I can virtually guarantee that at some point this summer, your GPS or navigation app will unintentionally lead you down an avenue that looks like a war zone.

So why do I bring this up?

There's a certain parking lot in downtown Rochester that I may or may not frequent on a daily basis. Currently, a section of this lot is being repaved, causing a substantial number of parking spaces to be unusable for a couple weeks. What does that mean? That means that every other parking space just became a whole lot more valuable. A free space is now the difference between parking my vehicle for free or having to fork over my own dough for street parking.

So you can imagine that when I see a tremendous park job like this...

Source: TSM Rochester
Source: TSM Rochester

It's almost impossible for me to not to immediately go, "Wow, this guy sucks."

Seriously! Look at that, man. This truck wasn't even trying to fit in between those two yellow lines! Don't tell me that they didn't notice, either. You know they totally did. Oh yes, they know exactly what they were doing: parking like a total [REDACTED].

Let this serve as a friendly notice to everyone reading this: Don't be This Guy, who is signaling to the world that he (or she!) is more totally important than each and every one of you. Please. I beg of you. Don't park like a total [REDACTED], ya'll.

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