Call me crazy, but I've noticed something that almost every band in Rochester has in common.

You've probably noticed that no band seems to make it too far in Rochester without being able to play a few popular covers from their chosen genre of music.

Just from the top of my head, I recall The 9th Planet Out covering Metallica and Pantera regularly. The Shift have some rock covers in their back pocket. They're not alone; JT & The Gunslingers and Lost Highway cover a few current country hits. Bands like Hair Metal Radio make their career completely out of covers.

These bands regularly fill local venues and know how to bring in a crowd, so I'll say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" However, I have to ask - what about the bands who are completely original? Embrace The Ending, AfterTime, etc.? Has Rochester fallen in love with them?

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

It's sad, but my opinion is "no" - I don't think Rochester loves original bands as much as ones who rotate the popular covers.

There's nothing wrong with that! However, when I ask myself why this is, I honestly can't come up with a factual answer. I'm always asking "why not?" when it comes to giving any new band a chance. Maybe I'm in the minority. Is it just as simple as some folks prefer familiarity?

If that's your thought, I'll provide a counter argument: Your favorite artists were all "local" at one point. Why not be proud of your own and of what they themselves create? You can keep circulating your favorite stuff, but why not encourage the next generaton and ensure a legacy too?

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