I know we live in polarizing times, but it’s totally not controversial to say that Nazis suck, right? As someone who grew up watching Indiana Jones and Captain America punch Nazis in the face, I’m pretty sure that’s an acceptable view to have. Sadly, it seems like we’ve seen a rise in these people displaying their abhorrent views in America in recent days, which would no doubt bother my grandfathers who both fought in World War II.

That’s why one systems analyst named Simon created a new online mapping tool that helps track the physical location of people who are affiliated with a certain underground Neo-Nazi website that I won’t mention here. Basically, Simon creates fake accounts on this website looking for organizers putting together local meetups, then adds that location to his interactive map, which is meant to raise community awareness.

While the location isn’t exactly precise, the map currently shows someone by the name of “Marshall_Skittles” being tracked somewhere in downtown Rochester. There’s also a fair amount of activity going on in the Twin Cities, too. It’s creepy to think that there’s at least one alleged Neo-Nazi troll who may be currently active in the Med City.

While this isn’t cause for alarm, it’s still unfortunate to see that Rochester isn’t immune from awful people with garbage views. Just another reminder to spread love wherever you go. If you want to check out the interactive map, go here. Yikes.

Source: Vice News

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