They are set to do some exciting stuff in 2017! Are you ready for Breakthrough?

It wasn't too long ago that Breakthrough reached out to me, and introduced themselves. I'm so glad they did! They've been around since brothers PJ and Drew Medin started the process.

They explain, on ReverbNation, "Breakthrough is defined by powerful vocals, catchy melodies, soaring guitar solos, and heartfelt lyrics. Unlike most bands, they're not in it for fame and fortune. They come with a message for the masses. Love."

Almost a year ago, they released an album called The Highest Praise. PJ was awesome enough to call in and talk about the busy 2017 the band has ahead further!

They really invest their hearts in this! They aren't afraid to experiment with their sound either. PJ explained, "The Highest Praise. It can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and several other online stores. We followed the new album up with a dubstep/dance remix of our song Blazen (off of The Highest Praise). It was remixed by Jordan Christopherson."

Check it out here!

That's awesome! If you're wondering what the album sounded like before, check out this teaser.

Breakthrough is: PJ - Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Drew - Guitar/bass/Vocals, Shon - Drums, Catherine - Lead vocals/Keys, Sara - Keys/Synth/vocals. They are already working on writing new music right now too!

While they've got 2017 booked pretty heavily with shows throughout Minnesota, Breakthrough is most excited for Faithfest, coming up on August 26th this year. Check them out! You can also help them get on Warped Tour. They've entered the Ernie Ball contest. Get more here.

As always, thanks for checking out Minnesota Brutal this week! It's our local band salute! I'm always looking for Minnesota bands that rock. Drop me a line here, if you know one.

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