The music venue issue in Rochester is kind of like a cockroach. It just won't die.

It's no secret that most of Rochester wants to see more music venues that fit what the Wicked Moose represented. A lot of us have been wondering what's going to happen to the few that are left. Are they going to disappear in favor of more housing too?

Most recently, the North Star Bar was the next location of focus. What does its future look like? They took to Facebook to answer those questions.

You read that correctly folks, "We DO NOT have any thoughts or reasons on closing anytime for the next several years."

It's really pretty simple, if we want to convince the powers that be that there's a reason we need to see more music venues in Rochester, we have to support the ones that are still here. We have to show them it's profitable and in demand. Notrth Star says it best when they close with, "A venue can do nothing on its own without the peoples support!"

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