A new survey has come up with the Drunkest Cities in America, and Mankato once again made the list.

The gang over at 24/7 Wall Street just took a look at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control numbers when it comes to the percentage of adults drinking excessively, the percentage of driving deaths involving alcohol, the number of premature deaths and the median household income.

And, surprise, surprise, my home state of Wisconsin claimed 12 of the 20 cities on the list. Heck, my hometown of Wausau came in at number 11 on the list, while Eau Claire, where I went to college and lived for about 20 years, was 9th ranked drunkest city, according to the survey.

Here in Minnesota, though, only one city is officially one of the Drunkest Cities in America, and once again, it's... Mankato. That's right, the home of Minnesota State came in rated as the 10th Drunkest City in America, according to the survey.

Appleton, Wisconsin came in at number one, and is officially the Drunkest City in the Country, according to24/7 Wall Street. So, how did they compile this list? Well, the survey explained it like this: "To identify the drunkest and least drunk cities in the United States, 24/7 Wall Street reviewed self-reported binge and heavy drinking rates among adults in U.S. metro areas from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute joint program," the site noted.

You can read more about the Drunkest Cities in America 24/7 Wall Street survey HERE.

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