While everyone has been busy getting their football picks in, I decided to take some time out to pick my favorite new albums coming out today. Take a look at what's out for  September 23rd, 2016.



15 tracks of heavy guitar and awesome vocals from Keith Buckley. It's their 8th album. It's likely that his performance comes from an intense place. Fuse explains he went through a rough patch which became the inspiration for the album, they say it comes from, "his wife and unborn daughter hospitalized last December during a life-threatening pregnancy complication, followed by his first endeavor in sobriety and a crash course in writing [...]. "

Pay close attention to "The Coin Has A Say" on Low Teens.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Chapter and Verse


Classic Bruce from his early years. I don't think I need to say more. It's the companion album to his autobiography Born To Run.


TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH - Haven't Been Myself


By now, you know the hit "What I Wish I Could Forget" (probably the heaviest the album gets, by the way) which has been rocking the airwaves for a while now. It's on this album, and so is a lot of emotional pain that makes for good writing. Sadly, this album comes from a rough place too - it was written after the passing of Keaton Pierce’s three-year-old sister.

Check out all these new albums! Let us know what you think!

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