Not to get too Bon Jovi on you, but damn are they worth a listen!

You know New Medicine, right? They're from here in Minnesota. Minneapolis, to be specific, and they are the feature this week's edition of Minnesota Brutal!

New Medicine FB page
New Medicine FB page

A staple since 2009, these guys have worked really hard to get where they are. If you're not familiar, they describe themselves as a down-n-gritty rock band. Can't go wrong with that!

Recently though, we haven't heard a whole lot from them. They've officially taken a hiatus since 2015, as their members are all pursuing other projects. However, you can still follow Jake in the meantime, until New Medicine is back.


Remember awesome tunes like these?

Here's hoping we get that blend of Korn, meets, Rage Against The Machine, meets The Offspring again soon!

For now, it looks like we'll just have to wait and enjoy Breaking The Model until they get back together! New Medicine is: Jake (vocals,guitar), Dan (guitar), Kyle (bass, vocals) and Dylan (drums).

Let me know if there's more Minnesota bands that deserve a shout out here! See ya next week!


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