If you're like me, you're trying to renew your tabs for July. Perhaps you're just moving to Minnesota? In both instances, you'll want to know about the short closure that will impact the processing of both events.

The Star Tribune reports that this is due to an IT upgrade. They explain,

From July 20-24, Minnesota residents won’t be able to update their tabs, get a new license plate or apply for a vehicle title at Driver and Vehicle Services offices around the state. Online vehicle tab renewal and other online services will be unavailable even longer, from July 17 to 24. Driver’s licensing operations won’t be affected except on Saturday, July 22, when that system is shut down along with vehicle licensing."

It is highly recommended that if you need to complete either of those things this month, that you begin the process before July 17th. This will ensure that you avoid expired tabs.


Rochester's main DMV office looks to remain open, and offer all services that week. If you live just outside of Rochester, it'd be ideal to call your local office to make sure they're offering the same services.

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