I've been a fan of horror movies since I was a kid and we sneaked into a showing of the original Amityville Horror. The best part of a horror movie isn't the blood and guts. I base it on a "creepy factor" and these are the top 5 creepiest moments from some of my favorite horror movies.

Some of these video clips could contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

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    The Blair Witch Project Ending

    Towards the middle of the movie, the two remaining survivors are looking for their friend Josh who went missing. **SPOILER ALERT** They can hear his voice and they're looking for him in this old abandoned house. Well, the creepiest part was at the very end of the movie where they "hear him downstairs" and go down there to find him, only to die. The creepy part is when she's chasing her friend downstairs to find Josh and she finally catches up to him only to see him (briefly) standing in the corner before she gets whacked.

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    Friday the 13th (The Original)

    This is another one we snuck into as kids. The scene is very quiet and the cheesy 80's piano plays and you're thinking, "it's over. She made it. The cops are there and everything is going to be alright." But you know better than that.

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    Halloween Ending (Original)

    The creepy part was after she finally got out of the closet and she's sitting there with her back to Michael Myers (Who turns their back on Michael f***in' Myers!?!?) The creepy part is when he sits up.

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    Salem's Lot (Original)

    I don't remember a lot about this movie but the one thing that does stick out is that damned vampire outside the window begging the kid to let him him. Floating like a creepy motherf**ker.

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    Exorcist - Spider Walk

    This scene was cut from the original movie (For good reason, because it's creepy as hell) and wasn't even in the initial DVD release. it was later added as a bonus feature. This literally made the hair stand up on the back of my neck the first time I saw it.