'MURICA ladies and gentleman!

When I first saw this story, I had a few questions. The main question: "who is hang gliding on a random Tuesday?" and, the next question, "why?"

President of Russia Vladimir Putin (front) and a copilot in a motorized hang glider
UIG via Getty Images

Whoever is doing this is basically my hero, because they really are living their life fully! Kudos to you, sir or madam!

This whole thing started last night at around 8pm in Dodge County. In the southeast corner of the county, someone reported a hang glider that appeared to have mechanical problems.

Hey, that would probably concern me too!

After a little investigation, and a search of the area, it was discovered that everything was okay.

My favorite part about this story was the response to it from a local resident, Jen Purday, who commented, "He's out all the time...landings look a little scary but he has it down to a science."

So, thankfully, nothing to see here folks!

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