Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Three more people have been charged as suspects in a recent incident described by Rochester police as a “rolling gunfight” involving occupants of two cars firing guns at each other.

The incident happened Aug 14th and involved at least 5 suspects. As of Tuesday, four of the five had been charged.

The criminal complaint indicates the incident may have been related to an ongoing “gang feud.”

The first person charged in the case was 19-year-old Thaddeus Merritt. Charged Monday were 21-year-old Mohamed Ali Mohamud and 19-year-old Saabir Hassan. The complaint says those two were in one car. Merritt was in the other vehicle, along with 20-year-old Ron Burks who was formally charged Tuesday. Another person in their car has been identified but not yet charged.

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