Minnesota comes in near the top on a lot of awesome lists, including on this new list of states where quiet quitting is the most popular. Go us!

What Is Quiet Quitting? Sounds Made Up

It does sound made up, but most everything is. Like Valentines Day, World Sauntering Day (a real thing!), and The Month of James. It was popularized recently with this Tik-Tok

So, quiet quitting is quietly quitting the constant "go above and beyond" and just doing the job you were hired for. This may sound like a "we don't want to work" thing, but really it's just, "having a job." Work-life balance. This map shows where "quiet quitting" is the most popular, based on Twitter data over the last three months.

CREDIT: schoolauthority.org (Click for link)
CREDIT: schoolauthority.org (Click for link)

Top Ten States Where Quiet Quitting Is Popular

1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Colorado
4. Massachusetts
5. Minnesota
6. New York
7. Illinois
8. Maine
9. Idaho
10. Connecticut

Wrong, Quiet Quitting Is Just Proof People Don't Want To Work Anymore

But do people NOT want to work? In a pretty good opinion piece in The Atlantic by Derek Thompson, he posts labor stats that show...

Every year, Gallup asks thousands of American workers about their commitment to their job. From 2010 to 2020, engagement slowly increased. In 2022, it declined so slightly that it’s still higher than it was in any year from 2000 to 2014.

Thompson goes on to talk about why these trendy phrases become so popular and often are completely misunderstood/misused by the management in business to the detriment of employees. Really a good read.

So Basically, Doing Our Job Is Really Popular In Minnesota

If quiet quitting is just doing your job (and I say it is), then yep. Even if Minnesotans only gave 75% effort, that's still a lot more than in other states. Based on the science in my brain.

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