Each September and October the Valleyfair amusement park transitioned into Valleyscare. Hundreds of monsters would lurk around the park as Halloween-loving thrill-seekers enjoyed all sorts of haunted fun. Organizers bragged that it was the biggest Halloween attraction in the midwest.

On Friday, the park dropped a major announcement and said the annual Halloween event won't be returning. Valleyscare is dead. You can read their full statement and see what they plan to do instead below.

Minnesota's Valleyfair Amusement Park Won't Bring Back ValleyScare

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On their website they explain their goal is to make the attraction more family-friendly, "Halloween celebrations at Valleyfair are transforming in 2022 as we say goodbye to Halloween Haunt and introduce Tricks and Treats, our all-new, over-the-top, larger-than-life, gotta-be-there Halloween event with all fun and no fright. From little goblins to grown-up ghouls, everyone will find ghastly great things to do for Halloween. Plus, we’ve got skeleTONS of delicious seasonal treats, drinks, and, of course, candy!"

What Can People Expect from Valleyfair's "Land of Treats" and "Land of Tricks"

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Valleyfair's Land of Tricks

Organizers say the "Land of Tricks" will feature "all things slimy, crawly, goopy, and stinky." Guests will enjoy listening to a Zombie Cover-Band, watching a Zombie Clean-Up Crew, and playing games like "Would You Rather"?” The attraction will also feature an improv show, festive foods, and a build-a-bear workshop where you can "create a cuddly monster."

Valleyfair's Land of Treats


The "Land of Treats" will feature "campfire stories, acoustic covers of popular seasonal songs, pumpkin decorating, rock painting, and a leaf-peeping spot for photos." Guests will be able to enjoy "s’mores, an elaborate custom cocoa bar, craft beers, ciders, and cocktails."

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