This may be a hot take, but fall is easily my favorite season. Yes, despite the fact that Minnesota has one of the best summers in the country, I love the autumn. The temperature is just right, football is finally back on TV, we get Halloween and Thanksgiving, everything tastes like pumpkin – all awesome things to enjoy. But it’s the colorful fall foliage that might be my favorite part, because that’s when Minnesota starts looking downright sexy.

Fall in Rochester
Fall in Rochester

So if you dig those bright red, yellow, and orange colors as much as I do, you’re in luck – this year’s fall is expected to look even better than usual. It’s also arriving in southeastern Minnesota a lot sooner than you think, according to the Minnesota DNR. That’s all thanks to the above-average rainfall we had in August, so our cooler nights and warmer days are expected to produce colors that are even more vibrant.

If you haven’t tried it our already, the DNR’s Fall Color Tracker is a great resource for seeing when our fall colors are expected to peak. It’ll also show you some of the best places to view the vibrant foliage in the area. Bring it on!

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