Minnesota has so many breweries that it's easy for some to be overlooked. But the brewery that Thrillist dubbed as the most underrated brewery in Minnesota kind of surprised me. The "winner": Fair State Brewing.

This shocked me because I've heard of Fair State before. I thought for sure this underrated brewery would be one I've never heard of before but they're actually, secretly, really delicious.

Thrillist talks about why they picked Fair State. They mention that on Fair State's website, brewer Niko Tonks says that "A great many wacky things ... just don’t make sense for broad distribution, but are possible on a small scale."

So basically, Fair State was picked because they brew up some crazy stuff that can't be distributed everywhere so not everyone knows about it so not everyone can fully appreciate it. Ok, that makes sense to me!

Even though I've definitely heard of Fair State and tried some of their beers, I've never actually been to the taproom so this should probably be added to my summer bucket list!

Thrillist also mentions Minnesota's most popular brewery which, no surprise here, is Surly.


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