The creepiest part about it is that children are involved.

If we're being honest with ourself, we know that summer is winding down and soon fall will takeover. We all love to hear about creepy things in the fall - so let's start with a creepy cemetery that isn't far from Rochester at all. In fact, it's in Northfield.

Ruin Raider/Flickr
Ruin Raider/Flickr

While there are no reports of actual hauntings in the cemetery, it definitely has a creepy past. explains,

What makes it creepy is the fact that there are quite a few very old graves here. These date back to the mid-1800s, and many stand in memorial to children who passed too young. Visiting any cemetery is a somber occasion, but that feeling may be even more prominent at Greenvale."

Have you ever heard of the Greenvale Cemetery before? Would you dare to visit it? This could definitely make for a creepy fall excursion! You've been warned.

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