It's no secret that Minnesota experiences all four seasons. It's both a blessing and a curse because we're at the mercy of Mother Nature all year-round and could feel the brunt of her wrath at any given moment. But there's a fifth "season" that trumps all others and it tends to give us more angst than any snowstorm or heatwave combined - Construction Season.

Depending on the weather, construction season mostly runs May through October but could easily start sooner or go later. Right now most of the state has enough orange cones and detour signs to make even the most mild-mannered drivers break into extreme road rage. With 2nd Street SW currently a mess and North Broadway bottle-necking due to the construction of the new hotel, it's a huge headache for drivers that have to commute up and down those roads everyday to get to work and go back home.

Well one man on Twitter named @6PieceMcNobody finally let his emotions boil-over in one profanity-laced tweet over the weekend that has since gone viral:

**Don't worry, we hid all the nasty language ourselves**

Credit: @6PieceMcNobody via Twitter
Credit: @6PieceMcNobody via Twitter

Granted he's venting about the many road projects currently underway in the Twin Cities, but his frustrations can easily be felt from anybody who's ever had to experience multiple detours or stop-and-go traffic for hours at a time during any given work week for months at a time.

So, did he nail it? I personally think he plucked that out of my own brain.

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