A St. Paul, Minnesota native made his Major League Baseball debut last week with none other than the Minnesota Twins! The game was last Wednesday the 7th and he did a pretty amazing job.

He's 24-year-old Louie Varland. He's a pitcher and an alum of Concordia University, St. Paul so of course, when he made his debut, the team at Concordia University was gathered around the TV watching.

Ultimately the Twins lost to the Yankees 5-4 but Louie did awesome work. He even struck out Aaron Judge, who is the home run leader in the entire MLB. I'd say that's pretty impressive! WCCO put together a little video of Louie greeting family and friends after the game and the Concordia University team watching one of his strikeouts.

Clearly it was a really exciting day not only for Louie but also for his family, friends, and students at his alma mater. Hopefully there are many more games in his future with the Twins!

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