It's one of the few times I remember seeing my dad cry before. January 17, 1999, or if you prefer the 1998 NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons where Gary Anderson missed 'wide left'. Zigi Wilf and Company are looking to perhaps exorcise the demons from that fateful season as the Minnesota Vikings plan to honor that 1998 team before the first game of the season this weekend at US Bank Stadium. 

The 15-1 team that season set an NFL scoring record with 556 points and featured four eventual Pro-Football Hall of Famers. It was a team that began the season with Brad Johnson as the starting QB, but after being injured, (sound familiar to last season?) went to a guy that had retired 2 years earlier, former Philadelphia Eagle Randall Cunningham. Cunningham only threw 34 touchdowns that season, no big deal.

The 1998 team also featured a rookie wide receiver named Randy Moss. Joining Moss, actually, the third receiver on the depth chart to begin the season was Chris Carter and Jake Reed.

The defense was led by a man who still gives me nightmares based on his eye black, John Randle. It was truly an awesome team when you go back and look at it on paper. So raise a PBR this weekend to the team that was the 1998 Vikings. By the way, Gary Anderson will not be in attendance according to this Pioneer Press article he would have loved to attend but he and his wife Kay will be on a trip to Tanzania, Botswana and his native South Africa.

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