This is too funny not to share.

No matter where you live, people will always say their city or their state has the worst drivers anywhere. Fargo and southern Minnesota are the only places I've ever called home so I can't speak for drivers in Iowa, or even Wisconsin, but what I can say is when it comes to winter driving: People are dumb.

What I mean by that is people think they can still go the speed limit with fresh snow on the ground. People think their brakes will bail them out if they begin to slide across the road. People think other vehicles can see theirs just fine if they forget, or even choose not to turn on their headlights at dawn/dusk or even during inclement weather.

That's why I think it's hilarious this Chisago County Sheriff went out of his way to make this sarcastic video on some really cool features every vehicle possesses. No matter the make, model or year, every vehicle has these and he suggests that we start using them properly to keep others safe on the road:

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