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This is genius! A Minnesota restaurant is now offering snowmobile delivery to ice fishers on Lake Waconia. If you're up in the Twin Cities ice fishing, keep this in mind. The restaurant is called Iron Tap.

They just started this snowmobile delivery service this past Thursday, the 21st, and it has already been a huge hit. The snowmobile delivery is offered Thursdays 4-8 PM and Saturdays 11 AM-2 PM and 4-8 PM. The service was so popular on Saturday that at 5:30 (only an hour and a half in) they posted on their Facebook page that they were fully booked for delivery that night!

Based on the Facebook announcement of this new service, you can order any food from their menu and also a cold beer to go with it. So how do you order and have these guys know where you are on the ice among all the other ice fishers?

According to the Facebook post, you can mark your location using the maps app on your phone. Then you tap 'share', then 'messages' and you text both of the drivers (you can find their phone number below if you need them) with your full name and your order.

HOT TIP: You can order ahead of time for a scheduled time. That way you can guarantee you'll get dinner when you want it and you won't have to worry about them possibly being overbooked.

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