Minnesotans can get pretty creative when it comes to braving the cold weather. I like wearing pajamas under my jeans, personally. But engineer and Duluth resident Jeffrey Xu (who moved to Minnesota from Shanghai) has invented a new form of snow-pants that are meant to protect your legs from our frigid winters. He calls them "Warmthology," otherwise nicknamed "Pants-On-Pants." It's basically like a jacket for your legs. GO ON.

Xu is an engineer with two master's degrees and a doctorate from Stanford University, so he definitely knows what he's doing. Shortly after moving to Minnesota, he designed a pair of snow-pants that can be put on as quickly as a jacket before heading outside. To put them on, you just wrap them around your waist, zip up the legs, and voila! Your legs are completely insulated and protected from that nasty Minnesota wind chill. There's even a pouch for your keys and wallet, too.

It might be easier to check out this instruction video of how it all works:

What do you think? It looks weird at first, but the more I think about it, the more it makes a lot of sense. Why is it that we only settle for jackets around here anyway? There's a reason why we all say "I'm freezing my butt off" all the time every year. I could actually see "Pants-On-Pants" becoming a thing. ZIP ME UP.


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