When I was 10 years old, I caught this walleye while fishing with my dad and grandpa at Lake of the Woods. I remember being ecstatic reeling in what felt like a whopper of a fish, and I still recall the look of pride on my grandpa’s face. Fishing can be pretty awesome sometimes.

Credit: TSM Rochester
Credit: TSM Rochester

…That being said, my 10-year-old self has nothing on this dude.


Holy. Click here to see the full image. Okay, so technically, Becker resident Gary Gilbert didn’t ”catch” this 59.5 inch muskie, as it was already floating dead in Lake Mille Lacs. But still, how crazy is it that this fish had previously been alive and swimming around the lake? That…is probably somewhat terrifying for anyone who has a fear of both large fish and swimming in deep water.

Becker was fishing with his wife when they spotted this monster floating in the water. Had he caught this fish while it was alive, he would have broken the Minnesota catch-and-release muskie record, which currently stands at 56 7/8 inches.

So the next time you go swimming in a lake, just know that there could be hundreds of giant fish swimming beneath you. Sweet dreams!

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