After serving time in prison, the ball slasher is back at it.

For more than a decade this 40 year old man has been breaking into gyms, high schools and colleges and ... wait for it... slashing exercise balls! We can't make this stuff up folks.

According to the Pioneer Press, Christopher Bjerkness started this "fetish" back in 2005 when he broke into the U of M Duluth campus, and slashed all their exercise balls. Then again in 2009 he did the same thing at St. Mary’s Duluth Clinic West. He didn't stop there. He was busted yet again, 2011 at a fitness center. He served just shy of 2 years in prison for breaking his probation in  2013. 

He was arrested again last year in Wisconsin after several different break ins that had the same results - many popped exercise balls. Somehow he's going to avoid prison time this time around. He has been sentenced to 2 years of supervised probation. The Pioneer Press states that "the terms of probation include requirements that he abstain from alcohol and drug use and follow any treatment recommendations after receiving a mental health evaluation."


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