You won't find the usual plumbing or home improvement items at this Minnesota hardware store, you'll find craft cocktails instead.

It's called The Hardware Store-- but it isn't a real hardware store

This unique business's name is The Hardware Store, but it's actually an underground speakeasy that sells craft cocktails. You'll find it in downtown Anoka,  on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Jackson Street, a little over an hour 40 minutes north of Rochester. But it's not your usual hardware store, and you won't find any typical home improvement items in it.

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Actually, that's not entirely true. Once you enter The Hardware Store,  you WILL see a selection of tools. But if you ask to buy a hammer (which you need to do to get into the actual bar), you'll be lead downstairs into one of Minnesota's newest speakeasy bars where they sell craft cocktails-- if you can find it, that is.

Finding The Hardware Store can be tricky

That's because there aren't any signs for this hardware store. In fact, all you'll see is a red light over a door in an alley in downtown Anoka. But if you can find it-- and ask to buy a hammer-- you can find yourself enjoying some live jazz music while sipping on a new twist on a classic cocktail... or two.

According to The Hardware Store Speakeasy, Craft Cocktail, Whiskey & Jazz Lounge Facebook page, the craft cocktail speakeasy actually opened last October, but was forced to reduce its hours during the coronavirus spike last fall that put a pause on indoor dining at bars and restaurants in Minnesota.

This Hardware Store sells cocktails, not tools

But it's now open again, and is mixing up classic craft cocktails like Smoked Old Fashioneds, Flame-Ingos, Side Cars, Gimlets, Green-Eyed Ladies and others. You can even make reservations, assuming you'll be able to find it, that is. Just don't head there hoping to get some advice on your next home improvement project-- unless that project is to enjoy a lovely adult beverage.

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