If you're love fishing, there's nothing quite like that feeling of catching something on the other end of the line. There's also nothing quite like the feeling of anticipation, wondering what's going to pop out of the water as you frantically reel it in. That's why I'm wondering what this guy was feeling. A Minnesota angler was recently fishing with his son on the Mississippi River near Grand Rapids this week when he caught this:

So yeah, that's the jawbone of a sand tiger shark, according to the Grand Rapids Department of Natural Resources. The crazy thing about this, in case you need a quick biology refresher, is that sharks are a salt water species and typically aren't found in fresh water. No one really knows how exactly it got there.

My theory? This was clearly a mob whacking, and they dumped the shark, who was most likely a snitch, into the Mississippi. I'm sure if the police do a thorough examination of the area, they'll find a pair of fins tied to a cement block.

What? That could totally happen.

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