One of the more interesting stories that I’ve seen go viral over the past month came from a Wisconsin company allowing their employees to get microchip implants in between the thumb and forefinger. This would allow them to enter the building, log into their computers, and purchase snacks in the market kiosk. The company maintains that the devices aren’t traceable by GPS.

Reading that story at the time, I could see what this company is going for. I’m all about not having to carry keys and key cards around. Still, the idea that an employer can implant something into your own body is a little more than creepy to me. There’s no way this will take off, right?

According to some experts, getting chipped will likely become the standard in the future, as it won’t seem as weird as it does today. It won’t just be relegated to work, either; imagine a chip containing your passport, drivers license, car keys, credit card, and more. All you have to do is just wave your hand over the scanner. This won’t happen overnight, but is predicted to be the norm decades from now. I can see the benefits, but there are definitely a lot of things about this that bring some level of concern. Still, the idea of ordering a pizza with a simple hand gesture is...tempting.

Credit: KARE 11

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