A 26-year-old man in Gaines Township was killed over the weekend when a cannon exploded during a baby shower celebration.

MLive.com reported that 26-year Evan Silva was killed Saturday evening when the cannon exploded sending shrapnel flying, some of which struck Silva.  He was rushed to the hospital in Flint, but doctors were unable to save him.

The cannon was purchased at auction and was fired successfully several times before the party on Saturday.

The cannon was supposed to emit a loud bang and bright flash when fired to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby.  Instead, it is suspected that the ignited gunpowder inside of the cannon caused it to crack and explode.

The shrapnel from the exploding cannon also struck 3 parked cars and the garage was being held, but no other party attendees were injured from the explosion.

More details from the tragic event are still coming to light, and you can follow the story on MLive.com as it develops.

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