In a way, the answer to this is yes!

Did you see the latest update from vintage gaming experts The Machine Shed? We are in for a treat!

That's right! They'll have Metalocalypse on in the background (without sound, but still...) while you game away this month! BRUTAL.

Heavy Metal Gaming Night is on! While being fondly reminded of Skwisgaar Skwigelf's hitting on g-milf skills, a variety of metal tracks will be playing in the background while you game.

Oh, and requests are being taken too! Hit them up here. Make sure to stop by the weekend of April 22! They add, "Pizza, pretzels, pop, energy drinks, water, and snacks are available to sustain you. Come before or after your plans, or make us your destination!"

Food, metal, and gaming... it's a win you guys! See you there?

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