Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States and some of his commentary leading up to being elected and in the months leading up to his inauguration have many concerned about the term that is to come. But one thing that has come from it has been a more vigilant voice from many of Americans in publicly expressing those concerns. Among them is Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, who previously stated he was ready for a Twitter war with Trump over the climate change discussion and environmental issues. After Trump's inauguration, Hammett fired off a series of tweets urging fans to "reject American carnage" and "defend American democracy."

Hammett began his discussion stating, "Trump's inaugural address and his asking us to put America first sounds, to me, familiar to what was said in speeches going around in Germany in the 1930's and later Russia in the 1940's. Pay attention people! Stand up for truth, compassion and togetherness. Don't settle for anything less. Reject lies, fear mongering, misguided anger. The system wants us divided, so it's easier to control us emotionally. We are all in this together, like it or not we need each other to overcome the bigger threat."

From there the discussion turned to environmental issues, with Hammett pointing out that people in power were trying to deny us "a healthy and green future." "Reject American carnage," added Hammett, continuing, "We are a better nation right now than ever, better than just five years ago." Hammett continued, "America never stopped being great," playing on Trump's campaign slogan, calling the platitude a ploy to manipulate and control others. He also stated that the only people who deny climate change are the ones who stand to lose from renewable energy and he urged fans to put up a fight, especially where environmental issues are concerned. See all of Hammett's tweets in succession below:

Hammett was not the only musician speaking out during Trump's inauguration day. To see more comments from rock and metal musicians, click the red button at the bottom of this post.

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