Remember when we showed you what it would sound like if Type O Negative covered Metallica's "Master of Puppets?" Well, Denis Pauna, the YouTuber behind that masterful creation, is back with another Metallica makeover, having transformed the iconic "Enter Sandman" into a Rammstein-styled song. And it is wunderbar!

We don't know what's more surprising about this version — that it sounds like an authentic Rammstein vocals thanks to those spot on vocals or that Pauna, a non-German speaker, managed to sing the entire song in Rammstein's native tongue. He did confess to using the ever-trusty (not really — it tends to be horribly inaccurate) Google Translate utility though.

Whatever percentage of the translated lyrics are actually genuine, it doesn't really matter since this entire concept is more about showcasing hypotheticals and just kicking back for the sake of sheer entertainment. At least from our viewpoint.

Pauna also noted that he co-opted Rammstein's earlier sound as portrayed on their 1995 debut, Herzeleid, which explains the overwhelmingly rigid riffing structure and minimalist synth accents. Even so, this would likely dupe some casual industrial fans into thinking that was an honest to goodness Rammstein original.

Watch the video below and subscribe to Denis Pauna's YouTube channel here.

Last year, Rammstein were forced to postpone their North American stadium tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those dates currently have been rebooked for the fall of this year. Head here to see the list of stops.

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