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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been sentenced to probation for his involvement in a shooting that occurred in the parking lot of a southeast Rochester restaurant almost 2 years ago.

22-year-old Luke Giwa was accused of being the getaway driver for another man after he fired shots into a car outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken location along 12th Street Southeast. Two teenagers were wounded in the shooting in October 2019. Rochester police initially identified Giwa as the suspected shooter but later stated they were mistaken and charged 30-year-old George Oliver. He later entered into a plea agreement and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Minnesota Dept. of Corrections photo

Giwa entered into a plea agreement in July and admitted to two counts of threats of violence. The original complaint in the case had charged him with aiding and abetting second-degree assault.


Beyond the 5 years on probation, the judge in the case ordered Giwa to pay a $700 fine or perform 70 hours of community work service. Giwa will be given credit for the hours he spends on obtaining a GED or high school diploma. If he successfully attains either of the educational goals within six months, the judge indicated the entire balance of the fine would be forgiven.

Court records suggest the motive for the shooting was an earlier attack on Oliver by one of the teenagers wounded in the shooting.

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