Three men were arrested in Florida after another man "intentionally committed a traffic infraction" while driving to alert cops that he had been kidnapped.

The Martin County Sheriff's Department recounted the harrowing event that led to Tsedekiel Sellers, Benyahveen Radcliffe and Kashaveeyah Bragdon being apprehended. They are currently facing kidnapping and a multitude of other charges.

The incident took place after an unidentified man allegedly "boasted" about his dog breeding business, which led the three men to confront him at his home demanding he give them "large amounts of cash," the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Richard Del Toro, Assistant Chief of Police for the Port St. Lucie Police Department, told People the three suspects first came into contact with the man the day before the kidnapping when they pulled up to his home to ask directions to a liquor store.

The man reportedly told them about his dog breeding business and showed them his Instagram account, which included images of dogs and cash.

When one of the suspects asked to use the bathroom behind the man's home, the man was alerted by another person inside the home that the suspect had allegedly tried to enter the house. The group then left.

The following day, the three men returned, broke into the home and kidnapped the unnamed man by allegedly holding him at gunpoint and threatening his life.

The three suspects and the kidnapped man later checked into a hotel room. Del Toro noted that the kidnapped man wrote "call 911" on the hotel receipt paper after paying, but the attendant didn't see the message.

Later that night, the four men began driving to retrieve puppies the dog breeder said were at the home of a relative, The Washington Post reports.

While driving, the kidnapping victim finally got the police's attention after he "intentionally committed a traffic infraction in hopes of being pulled over," according to the department's Facebook statement. And it worked.

Phinehas Adams via Unsplash
Phinehas Adams via Unsplash

"Once stopped, the victim who was afraid to say he was being kidnapped had a look of despair when the deputy gave him a warning and started to send him on his way," the post explains. "The victim then used a hand motion in hopes that the deputy would pick up on his fear. The deputy did, and ordered the man to step away from the car and away from the three other men who were sitting inside the vehicle. Once hearing the victim's story, the three suspects were placed into custody and the Port St. Lucie Police Department was called in."

Del Toro added that the victim made a "shooting gesture with his hand" behind his back to alert the deputy he was in danger.

Detectives verified the man's account and the three men were arrested on multiple charges including kidnapping, carjacking, armed burglary and home invasion, according to the sheriff's department.

Two of the suspects declined to speak with detectives while one suspect explained his version of events, which "pretty much corroborated" the story from the victim.

Del Toro said he is unsure if the victim sustained any injuries, but called the experience "traumatic."

Sellers' bond was set at $2.55 million; Radcliffe's at $2.2 million; and Bragdon's at $700,000, a sheriff's deputy at the county jail told The Post.

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