How long did it take this guy to pull this off?

Watch as a man who is bowling spins a bowling ball while tossing another over it to nail a strike.

However, it doesn't end there because, by the time the pins are set again, the first bowling ball reaches them and knocks all of them over. Yes, he scores another strike!

I can't honestly say this is the most impressive bowling trick ever because I have not seen all, but this is by far the best one I have seen.

Give it up for this guy, who probably practiced this many times until he was able to get the timing down perfect.

Nice work!

Not to be outdone, here's an amazing outdoor bowling trick shot:

And, for even more amazing bowling 'trick=shotery'...not sure if that's a real thing, check out this video from Dude Perfect showing off some amazing skills both indoors and outdoors.

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