The music world is mourning the loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, with the Internet housing much of the commentary as fans express their grief and sorrow. But being the Internet, there have been some choosing to use the attention on Bennington's death to be critical of the vocalist and the band's music, at times merely trying to get a rise out of others. Seeing some of the negative commentary, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale and Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach have both posted missives calling out those attempting to cyberbully others on such a somber occasion.

Hale writes in an Instagram post:

RIP Chester. We lost another voice of a generation today. I'd like to remind everyone that follows me that you are never alone. Life is f--king hard and every single one of us has beasts inside of us that we battle daily. And as humans... do your part. Stop with the cyber bullying, and hating people for stupid reasons. How about instead leave up lifting messages of hope and love and rock n roll. Just one word of kindness can change someone's life...I've seen it in my line of are powerful enough to help someone or hurt choose to spread positivity. Chester, you will be missed, and I'm sorry that you felt like you had to leave this way. But all of the people that you've healed through your music, we Thank you for your time here and your music will live on through us!

Leach also felt a need to speak up after what he had been seeing online. The Killswitch Engage vocalist offered the following post:

Appalled by the lack of sympathy or respect by some for a human (who happens to be a musician) who died tragically. The fact that anyone would have the audacity to critique or comment on his music on the day we learn of his passing is beyond me. We "get it" you're very cool you didn't like what you saw as "unhip music." What a desensitized disgusting and selfish way to present yourself. Take your opinion and shove it up your pretentious ass. A fellow musician committed suicide today and all I can think of is his family and friends. Mental illness is rampant in the artistic community. We should be addressing this tragedy with respect, compassion and grief that is all. Keep your unwarranted options to yourself and allow his friends and family to grieve. Just because he was in the public eye gives you no right to judge his life or music at this time. Show some class please. My condolences to the family of Chester Bennington. May he find peace in the next life/world what have you.

We at Loudwire offer our condolences to Bennington's immediate family, his bandmates and the extended Linkin Park community worldwide. As Bennington himself stated after the recent terror attack at Ariana Grande's concert, "Hate, pride, vengeance, and fear are the plague of the earth. Love, kindness, compassion, empathy and service to others are the cure. Let's all choose to be part of the cure."

Update: Shinedown's Brent Smith also weighed in on the topic with the following tweet:

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