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We often hear the sound of Mayo One flying over our house in Rochester, but this helicopter was louder and sounded WAAAY closer Tuesday night.

I was busy watching the Twins beat the Cardinals Tuesday night, and seeing as it was a beautiful summer night here in southeast Minnesota, we had the windows wide open. We live in northwest Rochester, in the Diamond Ridge neighborhood near the Country Club Manor neighborhood, so we're used to seeing and hearing Mayo One (Mayo Clinic Ambulance service's helicopter) making its way to and from the helipad at St Marys Hospital.

But this helicopter sounded much louder... and much closer. And I kept hearing it, too, as if it was making continuous passes directly over our house. I headed outside to see what I could see, and while I could still hear it, I couldn't SEE anything.

I finally headed down to a hill overlooking some nearby farmland (just off 7th Street northwest, not too far off Highway-14), and sure enough, there it was-- a helicopter, set to resume its aerial application of either fertilizer or some type of fungicide or pesticide on the crops nearby.

Sure enough, that explained things! That farmland isn't too far from some woods on the back of our property, so the repeated sound of a really close chopper was no doubt caused by this helicopter, as it methodically flew low above the nearby crops and completed its aerial application.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, there are a LOT of commercial operators licensed to do aerial applications on crops here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes; I'd just never seen one used on the farmland close to us. But it was pretty cool to see-- once I figured out what it was and where it was coming from! Have you ever seen one up close?


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