No one likes to wait at stop lights but the wait often times is less than you think it is.  The longest wait in the state for a stop light is actually in Central Minnesota at the stop light in Royalton.  Blake Redfield is the Traffic Systems Manager for both St. Cloud and Stearns County.  He says the stop light in Royalton on Highway 10 and East Centre Street is the longest wait in the state at 5 minutes for those on the cross street, East Centre Street.  This doesn't mean you'll always wait 5 minutes but during the busiest times of year during the spring, summer and fall, that could be the case.

He says the longest wait a person could wait for a light in St. Cloud is 3 minutes unless an emergency vehicle impacts that intersection.

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Redfield indicates St. Cloud has the following types of levels of traffic signal control.  Those types are "pre-timed coordinated", "semi-actuated free" and "fully-actuated free".  Redfield says he is not responsible for changing how the lights are coordinated on Highway 23/Division Street, Highway 15 or Highway 10.  That would be a MN-Dot decision, but he says he monitors these intersections and can offer information to MN-Dot.

High traffic intersections are pre-timed from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. weekdays and run free from  9 p.m. until 6 a.m.  When an intersection runs free and you are the only one at the intersection Redfield indicates your wait will be minimal before you receive a green light.  He says traffic in St. Cloud is consistent which helps when coordinating timed signals.  Redfield says the lights on Division Street are coordinated which means if traffic is moving you should be able to hit green light after green light.  My conversation with Blake Redfield is below.



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