The younger generations are seemingly growing more and more creative as time goes on. A little girl and her dad teamed up to recreate the trippy music video for Spiritbox's hit "Holy Roller."

This reimagined version uses very similar visual elements to the official video. The little girl is seen sporting a flower crown, just like vocalist Courtney LaPlante, and that scene is intertwined with close-ups of her face covered in corpse paint.

The original video creates an appealing juxtaposition of innocent imagery with the brutal heaviness of the track, and seeing a young girl lip sync to LaPlante's screaming makes for an even more dramatic effect.

The frontwoman even complimented the father-daughter project, saying the girl did "such a great job." The band shared it from their own Twitter account as well.

Show this metal family some love — see both the recreated video and the original version below.

Spiritbox released "Holy Roller" and its Midsommar-esque video in July of 2020. Since then, their emotional song "Constance" has also gone viral, making them a powerful rising force in metal.

Spiritbox - "Holy Roller" Music Video

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