A vehicle drove through the Little Caesars restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota!

Google says that the Little Caesars restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota is open but the plywood over the front entrance says otherwise.  The reason?  On Thursday, May 27th, around 12:30 pm a vehicle drove through the Little Caesars restaurant.  And yes, this is NOT the first time that this restaurant has had someone drive through the front windows.

I did see quite a few people pull in and even try to go through the drive-through while I was at Little Caesars to take a few photos.  So, maybe help spread the word so other people do drive over to grab a slice too.

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Didn't another vehicle just crash into that same spot?

I feel bad for the owners because this is not the first time that a vehicle has gone through the front of this building.  Back in November on the 4th, I heard that a van went through the store.  I went over there and thankfully, everyone was ok, but the van was INSIDE the store.  You can read the story from November here.  Here are a few photos from the last accident.

Credit: Christian Riester
Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

2020 was the year of having vehicles go through buildings in Rochester

Rochester has had two other incidents with vehicles running into buildings.  You can see photos and read those below:

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