Clocking in at over 100 miles per hour, Red Force is supposedly Europe's fastest roller coaster (which I'm now definitely adding to my bucket list). If you're not a huge thrill seeker or a roller coaster enthusiast in general, just building up the courage to get on board this beast is probably a challenge in itself. But now imagine yourself on this monster, going faster than any interstate in America, when a freaking pigeon flies right into you. That's probably not a fun feeling.

(Now imagine that same thing happening, but to your ex. Much better.)

Anyway, that happened to this dude, and I'm so glad the whole thing was on camera. Just look at the horror on this guy's face as he slowly realizes what's happening to him. It's amazing. Waaaaait a minute, my suit isn't made out of feathers! Also, who wears a suit on a rollercoaster? Is that a European thing? That somehow makes this video even more satisfying. You go, pigeon. Hope you're okay!

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