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Who would have thought that the largest Buddhist temple in all of North America would be located in Southern Minnesota? Not me! When I learned about this place I was so shocked that it's in Hampton, MN. The Cambodian Buddhist temple is called Watt Munisotaram.

According to their website, Watt Munisotaram was established in 1982. It spreads over 40 acres of land right in the middle of farmland, so it's definitely an unexpected sight when you come upon it.

The buildings and temple are beautiful, it looks like you've left Minnesota. It's hard to believe that something like this is so close to us and I never knew about it! The details are so ornate and have amazing colors. Only in Your State writes that during warmer months there are flowers all around the 40 acres.

This temple is an important place for Buddhists in Minnesota and across the country. Their website says that in 2007 when the newest temple was consecrated thousands of people showed up for the ceremony. Inside this temple are many halls where people gather and for meditation.

Other than the new temple, there is also the older temple that is now home to the monks and priests who live there year-round, an outdoor shrine, and a stupa (which their website says is "a place of meditation where small relics of the Buddha and two of his disciples are housed").

I'm not sure what the rules are for people who want to visit just to see Watt Munisotaram, but I would love to go sometime just to see it with my own eyes. It looks beautiful in pictures and I still can't believe this is in Southern Minnesota!

Check out photos of the Watt Munisotaram below -- scroll to the bottom to see the drone video.

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