If guitarists Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer have anything to say about it, next year, we'll see Korn tour with younger bands. In my opinion, this is the way it should always be.

How else are we going to decide for ourselves if we're really into a new band or not? Sure, we can get our hands on the music anytime - but what about how they are live? I, for one, would like to know that too.

"Head" says, ""I would love like to do something next year… in the next couple years, doing tours just that we haven't done. Maybe with some of these other younger bands, like A DAY TO REMEMBER or something like that, you know? OF MICE & MEN… I would love to just bring the generations together."

"Munky" adds, "I love almost every record from BRING ME THE HORIZON and to see their evolution and how they… Their early stuff is so heavy but where they're headed is just so fresh and new, I'm a big fan of that band." Welch echoed, ""When we get all gray-haired and stuff and we just kind of play less or whatever or hang it up one day, when I think of a band or bands that can take that slot and headline, BRING ME THE HORIZON is Number One for me."

So, it looks like they've got their eye on Bring Me The Horizon. What would you say to that lineup!? I say that sounds like a tour! Their new album "The Serenity Of Suffering" is out October 21st.

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