KISS' classic Ace Frehley-penned song "Cold Gin" finally lends itself to a band-licensed alcoholic beverage beginning this summer. The veteran rock group has partnered with the Swedish company Brands for Fans to launch the official KISS Cold Gin.

However, it appears that the drink will only be available to purchase in the European market — at least for now. The Swedish-based Brands for Fans, which previously partnered with metal acts such as Ghost and Motorhead on branded libations, currently only ships within the U.K. and a handful of other European areas.

The KISS beverage is a "New York-style," 40 percent ABV, non-aged gin. "It is always gin and tonic time with KISS Cold Gin," reads marketing material for the drink. "Let the bold and classic notes be the star of this G&T show — just add some black peppercorns, a light squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a lemon wedge."

The product description adds that the drink was inspired by the "vibrant streets of New York City" and the 1974 song. It says, "KISS Cold Gin is the ultimate tribute to the hometown of the hottest band in the world."

The copy continues, "The creation is a classic premium gin which has been distilled five times for higher intensity of flavor. The grain-based distillate is heavy with juniper, lemon, and herbs for bold undertones."

The beverage's nose is said to be "spicy [with] clear tones of juniper, generous aromas [and a] classic gin character." Its palate is well-balanced with "clear character of juniper, citrus, and herbs, lemon peel [and] angelica root." Its finish "intensifies [and] grows in the mouth [with a] full-bodied, clear and lasting character.”

Almost 50 years after the original song emerged on KISS' debut album, pre-orders for KISS Cold Gin are available now at The product will be ready to ship starting July 25.

Brands for Fans
Brands for Fans

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