Is there anything better than kids showing their love for metal? It fills us with pride as we see another generation that will keep our beloved music alive. The O'Keefe Foundation has done a marvelous job inspiring kids and getting them together to play some of metal's best songs, from both the old and new schools, ranging from Iron Maiden to Tool. The latest comes with a special bonus as the kids have created a re-imagined version of Slipknot's "Duality" video!

The opening clips (video above) sees a watchful mother about to head out, advising one of the children to finish his science fair project. Before leaving, she wishes the rest a good band practice and cautions them, "And remember — no Slipknot." The video cuts to a girl playing the opening notes of Slipknot's "Duality" as they defy orders in the true spirit of rock 'n' roll rebellion!

On the corner of Slayer and Pantera, the kids are selling lemonade and are met with a sudden surge of frenzied customers. Cars begin getting destroyed and not before long, the door to the home is smashed in and the playground outside is systematically destroyed and set on fire.

The horde continues to break their way into the home where the kids are playing, mirroring the violent house party from the original Slipknot video (seen below). With an abrupt end, the mother walks back into the house, first seeing the lyrics in chalk "You cannot kill what you did not create" colorfully decorating the driveway. Walking past an unconscious and bloody man, she steps into the living room, looking at the children and exclaims, "Slipknot again!?"

These kids may have seen their hero on TV recently when Corey Taylor was used as a hint on the quiz show Jeopardy. The frontman and Slipknot were mentioned when host Alex Trebek gave clues, describing Taylor as the person responsible behind a scream from an alien warlord on the BBC program Doctor Who.

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