The next saga of "I can't believe we have to tell our kids not to do this......." the Hot Water Challenge......You either pour hot water on yourself or another person, or you drink it through a straw. WHAT???

Right up there with the Tide Pod challenge, this ridiculous thing teens are doing on the internet right now with hot water is not just stupid but dangerous, duh! Kids are finding these ideas from videos circling the internet. While it's not really YouTube's fault, there should be some sort of ban on things like this from being posted.
A 15-year-old Indianapolis kid said him and his friend had been looking up the “Hot Water Challenge” on YouTube when his friend decided to try the internet prank on him after he fell asleep. He ended up in the hospital with second-degree burns on his face, back and chest. “My skin just fell off my chest, and then I went and looked in the mirror and I had skin falling off right here and on my face.” The dare reportedly began sometime in 2013 or 2014 but a slew of shocking cases have been making headlines.

Sigh. Why can't the kids just stick with the floss or the Fortnite dance challenge? Just dance kids and stop eating tide pods and playing with boring water!!

My parent problem with this is these are ACTUAL dares with videos all over the internet. Make sure your kids not only understand the risk but are able to stand up to PEER PRESSURE. While most of these kids KNOW it's stupid, the idea of being a "hero" in the mind of their peers clouts their decision-making abilities.

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