This letter will turn your heart to mush. Have you seen what Officer Lee has done for this missing 15-year-old?

I was browsing the Kenyon Police Department Facebook page, when I noticed something I'd never seen an officer do before. Kenyon's Officer Lee wrote an emotional plea (a letter, really) on Facebook, not on behalf of a missing 15-year-old's family, but from the perspective of his own broken heart. He addressed Audrey directly.

Check this out.

Officer Lee admits that he is a dad, and this is certainly written by one!

The sad part in this story, is that we don't have an ending yet. At the time this is being written, Audrey is still missing. The Kenyon Police Department needs your help finding her.

Audrey Marie Luke is almost 16. She is missing from the Montgomery area. According to the Kenyon PD, "Audrey has brown eyes, had red or auburn hair when she left home. She is 5'9" and weighs approximately 160lbs."

If you know anything - ANYTHING at all about Audrey, or where she might be, please call the Kenyon PD office at 507-789-5214, or Montgomery's at 507-364-7700.

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