Big shout out to Jaxson Phoenix of Kasson! He just won something BIG from ZROCK.

About a month ago, we began Stompfest. It was your chance to win a trip to Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando next month!

Our very own Jaxson Phoenix of Kasson is not only flying there for free, but he'll see some of the greatest WWE matchups of all time. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton AND John Cena!!??? It will be insane!

Oh, and he's also getting a hotel stay and $300 spending cash too! Way to go Jaxson!


When Jaxson stopped in to claim his prize, he told me that he and his wife got married nine years ago and "have yet to take a trip together." Friends, I'm happy to report that this is their trip. They are stoked!

Jaxson listened for the Cage Match code word every day to boost his chances of winning too. It really does work!

Stay tuned! More great contests are coming to ZROCK!

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