News Tuesday about Mayo Clinic adding on to the Gonda Building downtown got me wondering about just which buildings are the tallest here in the Med City.


That announcement Tuesday from Mayo Clinic said they're planning on adding 11 new stories to the top of the Gonda Building within the next four years, with the top seven floors being a hotel. (And, a luxury, high-end one at that-- which means I'll no doubt never be able to set foot on those new top stories.)

The Gonda Building is already pretty tall, coming in at 21 floors. Add on the new expansion and it'll top out at 32 floors. (Look at me those amazing math skills!) And, yes, that will make it the tallest building here in Minnesota's Med City.

So just what are the other buildings that make up the tallest in Rochester's ever-expanding skyline? Well, this Post Bulletin story said the Gonda Building is on the list, but right now, it's actually the second-tallest building in Rochester.

The tallest is the Broadway Plaza building, then the Gonda, followed by the historic Plummer Building (which, according to Mayo Clinic, is a full 15 floors), then the Mayo Building, and finally the under-construction Broadway at Center Hilton (going up next to the Broadway Plaza).

When it's finished, the expanded Gonda Building's 32 stories will top out at 490 feet. So how does it compare to buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul? The IDS Center has 57 floors and at 792 feet is the tallest in Minneapolis. So we're still smaller.

But check this out: Over in St. Paul, Wells Fargo Place in St. Paul is the tallest building there-- but it's 'only' 471 feet tall, so our new Gonda Building will beat that by nearly 20 feet. Woo hoo! Go Rochester! Cray Plaza in St. Paul, though, still has the most floors, coming in at 46.

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